Q: Will I need to repaint my TyeDee Bin, and if so what paint should I use?

A: TyeDee Bin is such a strong, durable product you could get more than 20 years of use if you regularly wash your bin inside and out.  During its long life you many want to give your bin a fresh coat of paint or perhaps you just want a change of colour.  If you choose to do this we recommend using alkyd enamel rust paint (Tremclad, Rustoleum, Rust Coat, etc).  You may find that you only need to paint the base of the bin as it sits on the ground.  For that you could use alkyd enamel or an aerosol undercoating spray.  If the base of the bin is painted every 5-10 years you will ensure a longer life span for your TyeDee Bin.

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