Q: Will a TyeDee Bin rust?

A: TyeDee Bin is an all-steel product, and steel products can be susceptible to corrosion over time.  TyeDee Bin is painted with a polyester powder coat paint that is intended to keep your bin looking good and protected for many years, however like your car or any other item you own, it’s appearance and life span depend on how you take care of it.  To avoid rust on your TyeDee Bin we recommend washing it once or twice a year.  You can use soapy water or car wash to clean your bin.

Over time we have found that TyeDee Bin is more vulnerable to corrosion on main roads that are heavily salted during the winter.  If this situation applies to you, it is essential to wash your bin thoroughly every spring to remove winter salt residue.  We also recommend protecting your bin with a car “wax” type product before every winter, or if possible, move the bin back from the road and away from salt spray.

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