Q: Why won't the latch on my bin close properly?

A: This is the most common TyeDee Bin question.  Our latch is designed with your safety in mind.  The latch always falls forward when the lid is opened.  This is to prevent an injury if the lid is blown closed by the wind or if someone bumps the bin.  By falling forward the latch acts as a spacer to prevent the lid from slamming down hard on any fingers that could be in between the rim and the lid.  The safety design of the latch also prevents children from accidentally being locked inside the bin.  If the lid does slam down on the latch, it could cause the latch to “squish” closed so it doesn’t fit over the frame and seat on the catch.  If this happens, you simply need to bend the latch against the handle to re-position it.  Occasionally you may find that instead of being “squished” closed the latch has opened wider than the catch. If this happens, just position the latch between the bin’s rim and the lid and gently push down on the lid to tighten the latch. 

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