A: Customers often call and ask for a “Bear Proof” container.  We describe TyeDee Bin as “animal resistant”, not bear proof.  Bears are amazing and powerful creatures and it would be unrealistic to describe any product as “bear proof”.  TyeDee Bin has however been rigorously tested by black, grizzly, and even polar bears, and the bins fared very well in each test (watch the video on our website).  When used in accordance with the directions, they have proven to be very effective at keeping all wildlife out of the garbage and “Keeping Your Property TyeDee and Secure”.

A: This is the most common TyeDee Bin question.  Our latch is designed with your safety in mind.  The latch always falls forward when the lid is opened.  This is to prevent an injury if the lid is blown closed by the wind or if someone bumps the bin.  By falling forward the latch acts as a spacer to prevent the lid from slamming down hard on any fingers that could be in between the rim and the lid.  The safety design of the latch also prevents children from accidentally being locked inside the bin.  If the lid does slam down on the latch, it could cause the latch to “squish” closed so it doesn’t fit over the frame and seat on the catch.  If this happens, you simply need to bend the latch against the handle to re-position it.  Occasionally you may find that instead of being “squished” closed the latch has opened wider than the catch. If this happens, just position the latch between the bin’s rim and the lid and gently push down on the lid to tighten the latch. 

A: TyeDee Bin is an all-steel product, and steel products can be susceptible to corrosion over time.  TyeDee Bin is painted with a polyester powder coat paint that is intended to keep your bin looking good and protected for many years, however like your car or any other item you own, it’s appearance and life span depend on how you take care of it.  To avoid rust on your TyeDee Bin we recommend washing it once or twice a year.  You can use soapy water or car wash to clean your bin.

Over time we have found that TyeDee Bin is more vulnerable to corrosion on main roads that are heavily salted during the winter.  If this situation applies to you, it is essential to wash your bin thoroughly every spring to remove winter salt residue.  We also recommend protecting your bin with a car “wax” type product before every winter, or if possible, move the bin back from the road and away from salt spray.

A: TyeDee Bin is such a strong, durable product you could get more than 20 years of use if you regularly wash your bin inside and out.  During its long life you many want to give your bin a fresh coat of paint or perhaps you just want a change of colour.  If you choose to do this we recommend using alkyd enamel rust paint (Tremclad, Rustoleum, Rust Coat, etc).  You may find that you only need to paint the base of the bin as it sits on the ground.  For that you could use alkyd enamel or an aerosol undercoating spray.  If the base of the bin is painted every 5-10 years you will ensure a longer life span for your TyeDee Bin.

A: TyeDee Bin has a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects in the paint, structure and integrity of all of its steel components and fasteners.  

Due to factors associated with winter road salt and other environmental factors beyond our control, the warranty does not apply to paint issues that arise as a result of neglect.

A: If you have an issue, please call 1-877-387-BINS (2467) or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will work with you to resolve your concerns in the most reasonable way possible. The resolution could involve a service call by one of our customer service specialists, a replacement part may be provided (shipping costs may be applicable), or the bin might be replaced if warranted. While TyeDee Bin reserves all rights in determining warranty resolution, we have a reputation of providing excellent customer service. We stand behind our products and are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction possible.

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