Built to stand up to the elements.

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TyeDee Bins can be used to store many things!

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We've put our bins to the test and they have passed!

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The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the entire process!

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“...we had just installed your TyeDee Bins here, and even before they were secured to the ground, one resident reported that a black bear got very frustrated trying to open one of the bins. When ...
“Just a note of thanks to you and the folks at TyeDee Bin for an outstanding product. As a resident of Sun Peaks BC we are constantly dealing with garbage issues and Bears. After trying your Cub ...
“…it’s worth every penny! It saved me replacing traditional wooden boxes and hours of cleaning up stinky garbage thrown around the road and driveway. Thanks for a great product!”  
“We’ve enjoyed the use of a TyeDee Bin for many years. Pity the bears!”  
“Since the installation of the new TyeDee Bin Kampers we have been bear free! No mess…no bears!” “This bin has proven to be the resolution to all of our ‘critter’ problems! We had ...
“It was a great thing to drive into the cottage on the weekend and see our new bin. I never knew I could love a garbage bin so much!” 

Fast Delivery

Delivered in person or by UPS

Put to the test

Tested and passed with flying colours

Wildlife Friendly

TyeDee Bins help protect the environment

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